About Benchmark Communications

Starting Afresh...

Benchmark Communications is a small, but dynamic group of advertising and public relations people, who have conceptualised and executed some of the most creative and innovative campaigns for a diverse range of clients over the past 25 years.

Our collective talents and experience have produced a portfolio of outstanding campaigns for our clients. Our work spans banking, energy, insurance, on-line lottery, telecommunications, agriculture, food, brewing and liquor, tourism and Government services.

Our range of expertise covers all aspects of advertising (print, radio, television, outdoor, cinema, internet services, etc.), public relations, marketing, research and events management.

Benchmark Communications was officially incorporated in May, 2010.

Benchmark Communications is guided by these principles:

  1. To establish the Agency as a benchmark communications organisation in Trinidad and Tobago and the wider Caribbean region;
  2. To produce work that is timely, of integrity, pioneering, personalised, superior and competitive so that our work anticipates and exceeds client expectations;
  3. To keep abreast of the dynamic global communications landscape to ensure that our services meet the needs of our clients.

Our Key People

KENNETH LOUTOO- Managing Director

KEN has over 35 years experience in advertising and public relations. He started in journalism, then branched out in public relations with one of the countryís leading ad agencies.

He was instrumental in developing and executing comprehensive public relations campaigns for several corporate clients with diverse interests. These include Royal Bank, Republic Bank, TIDCO, Nestle, GTECH Corporation, National Petroleum Marketing Company, the Agricultural Development Bank, the Office of the Attorney General, the Trinidad and Tobago Cancer Society, the Salvation Army, GTM Insurance, Atlantic LNG and bpTT.

Ken has also worked as a Communications Specialist in the Government service.

DENNIS STUBBS - Creative Director

DENNIS started his career in the advertising industry as a graphic artist with the Trinidad Guardian, moving to Production Supervisor and Senior Artist in charge of Advertising, Editorial, Building of Advertisements, Classified and Display Pages, News, Features and Sports.

A big guy with finesse, there is nothing that Dennis canít re-touch or render in Photoshop and other applications. He is a master at conceptualising and perfecting layouts in Illustrator and Freehand.

Dennis left the newspaper field for greater challenges in advertising, joining one of the countryís leading agencies. He is now the main design architect at Benchmark.

FAIZ ALI - Production Manager

FAIZ boasts of more than 35 years experience in advertising, starting from the junior ranks to gain all-round knowledge of the operations of the industry.

He has developed excellent working relationships with the main media operatives at all media houses and relates to them on a first-name basis, ensuring prompt and personalised service to clients.

Faiz brings total dedication to his relationship with clients.

CLARENCE JAGROOPSINGH - Research Analyst/Writer

UNASSUMING, but thorough and incisive, Clarence brings a necessary scientific approach to deliberations at Benchmark Communications.

A stickler for accuracy and detail, he ensures that every single ingredient that should go into a finished product is put in the mix.

Clarence has worked extensively on research analysis for Governments in Trinidad and Tobago and the wider Caribbean region.

A man of many talents, Clarence has completed training in Public Relations and Marketing and doubles as a writer.

KISHORE RAGOOBAR - Digital Graphics Specialist / Consultant

ONE of Trinidad and Tobagoís most qualified and accomplished Graphic Design people, Kishore honed his art through extensive studies in London during the 1960ís. He gained the distinction of being elected a member of the Society of Industrial Artists in England.

He has also worked as a graphic designer for the Royal Air Force.

Kishore has pioneered graphic design for the advertising industry locally and has conceptualised and designed corporate logos and brand designs for leading corporate clients.

ANMOL BISSESSAR - Digital Photography / Video Production

Anmol has spent his entire working life in photography and video production. He has handled several major productions in Trinidad & Tobago and the wider Caribbean.

Anmol brings special insights and creative nuances to his work.

He operates on a freelance basis and as a consultant with Benchmark.